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My name is Treasure Phillippi

Let me help you make memories for you and your family.  

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About Me.

More About Me

 I started in the travel industry as a part time agent.  I have always used 3rd party sites to book my travel whether it be for work or vacation.  After doing some research and realizing 3rd party travel sites still charge an agent fee (only hidden in the background) I realized I could use an agent and my charges would be the same.  So on my last family vacation I used a travel agent as there were 11 of us.   We needed airfare, accommodations before our cruise, transportation and 4 different rooms on the ship.    For my "family cruise" my initial call to the other agent took less than a half hour.  Follow up calls took about another half hour and she made over $1000.  FOR AN HOUR OF WORK!  I was beside myself.  I realized I could do exactly what the agent did for me over the phone. So I signed up with  Inteletravel.   


    Inteletravel partners with several  companies that allow me to offer a wide variety of options to my clients.  I can offer quick weekend getaways to month-long country tours.  I am always trying to improve my knowledge on travel.  Inteletravel offers us the training and support that allows us to take training directly with partners, allowing us to better my knowledge to assist my clients.  With Inteletravel I have a ton of training but  hundreds of fellow agents who sometimes specialize in one location over the other and they are always so helpful with answering questions and assisting fellow agents.  I am certified through the cruise line  association (CLIA) this allows me to be a certified agent with all the major cruise lines.  I am diligently working towards my Disney certification.   I am Sandals resort certified along with being a destination special for far to many locations to list.  

     The great thing about our agency is the knowledge base we have.  You want to go to Alaska, Brazil, Israel, London or Tanaza (to list a few) .  No problem, our training allows us to book flights, lodging, transportation and adventures.  Our partners share with us not only the best "vacation travel locations" but the insider secrets to getting the most out of your vacation.  I have the resources needed to make your vacation an actual vacation.  Where you can relax and actually enjoy yourself.


     Let me help you make Memories for you and your family.  

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